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Spanner of Approval..

my constant nit picking and complaining about "the way it should be" while sat at my desk playing this game have given birth to a new version of the same game that you all love, although sadly in the process of modding tweeking and "correcting" i have destroyed the mods online capability (i dont know why or how)

also this mod does not support the single play features such as challenge of campaign at all, so dont try.

"why would you do that to the game?"

well to be fair i was only tweeking the MANY .ini files I found in the game folder, so i have no idea why it wont work online, also at the time when i made this mod I didnt have the internet so it wasnt really a huge problem for me, campaign and Challenge dont work because the units are much more expensive than they were and i dont know how to change the starting credits, so its not possible to do.

so if you just fancy a crazy blast then this is the mod for you.

there are literally hundreds of changes to the game, making it (in my eyes) a masterpiece. there are too many to list since its an old mod, but here is a rundown of the ones i can remember.

Important changes
Nuclear Missile: the timer is long but its shorter than you think when your under constant fire, if this Nuke lands in your base OR your allies base now, it will destroy it (apart from the command center in red HP, you will have a VERY hard time keeping back the enemy thats attacking you if one front fails, stop it at all costs. the marker for the damage radius is equal to the placement marker, i will uplaod videos of this.

American tanks: their armour is no match for other tanks without the Composite armour upgrade, this is an absolute priority for USA tankers.

GLA (all sides): they may appear weak but you need to use every unit they have to win, spamming 1 tank will not be enough, using GLA is very very hard in this mod, GREAT fun, but do not expect it to be a push over. Infantry, Artillery, tanks and light vehicles will be needed to win.

Minor things
All tanks have a sight and firing range increase, and decreased accuracy vs infantry

All aircraft are now louder are harder to kill and fly faster(what was with the whispering jets)

All Artillery can now shoot MUCH further away, the scud launcher has indefinate range

Hero characters remain stealthed unless detected by you/your enemy (LOOK OUT FOR BLACK LOTUS)

Snipers can see and shoot MUCH further away,

Stealth Gen
ALL Stealth general units and structures can be stealth enabling the entire team to vanish from sight, they can also build snipers and stealth Scud Launchers.

Inf Gen
Assualt Troop crawler comes with 15 minigunners and 5 tank hunters (EXTREMELY DANGEROUS)

Nuke general (appears to be a bit faulty, not sure what happened to them)

Super Wep. Gen
Tomahawks fire EMP missiles

Rocket Buggy (now my favourite unit :D)
is no longer the crucially accurate anoyance it once was, shooting every rocket with extreme precision hitting the same target everytime. they now blanket a large area in rocket fire, great for taking out hard defences, tank or infantry swarms.

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