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Rise of the Reds: Two Decades after Zero Hour.

If you're just now joining us, we have changed our image from what we used to be back at Revora. We've begun a massive overhaul of the Russian faction and we are now happy to introduce the European Continental Army or ECA for short,into the ROTR conflict. The ECA originates from the mod "Rise of Europe" whom have now merged with the ROTR team. A vast majority of their content will be available for their Generals. If you would like to check out some of their old renders and concepts, you can go here.

Rise of the Reds will add these two factions into the "General's" world and stay true to the game's visual style, but will change the gameplay significantly. In addition to improving the gameplay of the original game we will fix balance and bug issues as well as add a plethora of new particles, sound and visual effects.

Features: New Content and General Selection

Rise of the Reds is a mod for Zero Hour which takes place several years after the Zero Hour storyline. A storyline in which entangles all 5 factions in a battle royale for both global influence and superpower status.

We're planning to scrap a the old Zero Hour Generals with ALL NEW ones with it's own unique General selection.
First you select your side: Russia, USA, ECA, China or GLA. Then once you are in game you will be prompted as to which general you wish to play, who you will then select at the Command Center.

There will be 3 Generals per faction, making for a total of 15 playable Generals - each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. We have decided to base ROTR solely around these Generals so there will be no "vanilla" or parent factions in the traditional sense. The new generals are listed as follows.

New Generals :

-Special Forces

-Red Army
-Special Weapons
-Secret Police

-Bio Command
-Terror Cell

-Rapid Deployment
-Advanced Weapons
-Tactical Ballistics

-Mechanized Assault
-Royal Guard
-Fire Support

We will release more detailed information regarding these new Generals later.

Unique Skirmish Maps :
For extra content, we will be releasing skirmish maps rather than full blown campaign, these maps will follow the storyline's war and will lead you across the globe. More on that later ;)

Current and Future Versions:
The current version of RotR version 1.5 which is currently available on Moddb. This version will include improved AI, AI for Russia, new units and strutures for the new Russian faction and improved US and Chinese factions. Version 1.5 will not include the ECA and GLA factions. The current release is still very much a beta and will likely have balance issues and bugs, but don't fret, as they will be dealt with over time. The current version has Russian, US, and Chinese vanilla factions. We are planning to add an overhauled GLA and ECA vanilla factions in a version after 1.5. Removal of vanilla factions and addition of generals will occur in version 2.0. The campaign will be added some time beyond that in the form of unique skirmish maps. That's an overview of our plans, though nothing is set in stone and things are likely to change.

Overall we hope you will be excited with our new ROTR as we are. Stay tuned for more updates in the future. Please also jump into our forums for your comments and up-to-date news with the mod and join an active community where you can play online via Hamachi. We've had a fan base in the past and with our revival we expect old fans to revisit us and maybe new ones to join in with the fun, so don't be surprised if they expect a few games with other fans!

- The RoTR team

Please Don't ask for the release date, or even an estimate, as there is never a release date. (Unless we tell you otherwise)

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