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Mini Mod is a full conversion, adding three new factions so far. All units and structures are to scale to each other.

The factions;
North Korea
After secretly stockpiling materials from the Russian Federation and China, the North Korean Army quickly overrun South Korea. This new, powerful North Korea now poses a threat to the entire Pacific theater of operations.
Uses the brute force of conventional weapons. Units and structures are balanced between cost and quality.

African Union
Ending decades of fighting amongst each other, separate factions all across the African continent banded together as a new nation, the African Union. But, believing that the African Union would soon dissolve back into chaos, many countries denied selling arms, leaving the nation with an outdated and makeshift army. This has been negated by income from the now strictly controlled diamond trade.

Main focus with this faction is numbers. Every thing is low tech, and low cost.

United Nations
Years of war with the GLA left the members of the United Nations with depleted resources and manpower. Now they rely on each other more than ever to keep the strength they once had as individual nations. With the emergence of the African Union, and the sudden strengthening of North Korea, technology may be the only thing between these countries and total annihilation.

Relies on high cost, very effective weaponry.

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