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Author: TheGunrun

C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine, is the 3rd generation of the Retarded mod series that brings the Retarded Mod formula into the latest chapter of the C&C franchise.

Using a mix of crazy ideas, style, and music this mod never stops bringing you kick ass RTS fun. C&C Retarded is way more than just tweaking a few units here and there, it is the realization of my ideas without persecution. I make up ideas I know no one else would come up with and implement them into the game.

I wanted to create a mod that would stand out and inspire others with an ideas, to persevere and continue to innovate gaming.

I know it may not at first seem like there is not many changes in my mod, but that is the beauty of it. The elegance in its simplicity simply has a drawing effect, and coupled with my style, breeds a whole new experience all together.

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