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Author: Paradox team



To install the Achilles minimod, you will need a legitimate copy of Red Alert 3.

Uprising doesn't count - you need the original game.

Once you have RA3 installed, here's how you apply and play the mod:

1. Unpack the RAR file. You'll need WinRAR to do it:
2. Go to My Documents, then Red Alert 3. Create a folder in here called "Mods" if there isn't one already.
3. Take "ParadoxAchilles" (the whole folder) and put it in "Mods".
4. Open up the Red Alert 3 Control Center. Find it in your Start Menu (All Programs/Electronic Arts/Red Alert 3/Red Alert 3 Control Center).
5. Go to Game Browser in the Control Center, click the Mods tab, click ParadoxAchilles, and click the Launch Game button.

Have fun! If you have any questions, ask them in the Forums on our Moddb page.



-Defense Bureau
-No longer requires an Airbase.
-Now requires only 50 power to construct.

-Aeronautics Complex
-Added to the Allies.
-Requires a Defense Bureau. Costs $1000, takes 0:15 to build, requires 50 power. Has one parking space.
-Constructs the Achilles Superiority Fighter.

-Achilles Fighter
-Added to the Allies.
-Constructed at the Aeronautics complex. Costs $3000, takes 0.25 to build.
-Anti-air unit. Very high speed, high rate of fire, high damage. Designed to take down Kirovs, but will probably win any air combat you send it into. May explode catastrophically on death.

-All Anti-Air aircraft
-Locomotors changed; fighter aircraft should now attempt to make strafing runs as much as possible, as well as circling in place when idle. This change aims to make air combat more dynamic.

This mod was made by the Paradox team.

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