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So what exactly is changed you're wondering?

Well, I suggest finding out for yourself. But if you must know, here's a quick list of changes.

-improved build orders
-micro(not like human micro, but the ai uses it's own micromanagers for attacks. They should be a bit more aggressive now)
-targeting(What they choose to kill, the ai will usually kill an engi with vindicators when the choice is available)
-brutal is now actually brutal, they will kick your ass without feeling they have to spam 10000 turrets. Now they'll spam 10000 units.
-less exploitable AI, hopefully I should be able to prevent AI from being abused by certain abusive tactics. Like Giles and his hated unit, bears.
Which I'm actually not sure I'll be able to accomplish. For example the AI will probably still lose to cryo rushes and mcv pushes.

So the AI will by no means be human good, but if you don't exploit the AI they should present a challenge.

The mod will only make the current AI stronger, the version is still 1.12 for ra3 with no balance changes or graphical changes.

Also, new personalities will be added. There just won't be any in game videos and such for them.
They'll help spice up variety.

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