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Allies Open Alpha? What is this?

Well, basically, we're on hiatus for a bit, and you may have noticed that Apocalypse is like, a year behind schedual! There are a lot of reasons for these things, and excuses suck. However, we have all had a blast playing Release 1's internal alpha on the podcast, so we decided to put it out for you guys so you can have fun with it too?

So, the Open Alpha is basically just a way to get fun stuff to you sooner. See, the thing is that actually adding units and models and such doesn't take very long, but the little things; small effects, voices, collaspe models, all the stuff that makes things look professional quiet simply take a very long time! So we end up sort of overrunning our own progress, with one or two tiny elements holding us up. That's no fun for you, so here, just have a thing!

This is basically just a little dev build we're shoving out the door. We're going to be honest; it's to buy us time to get back into the project. Right now I'm involved in writing an RPG called HARDBOILED, so basically there has been a hiatus without updates and that's miserable for you lot. So here's a shiny to distract you while we finish up stuff and get back to the work of making refined content for you.

There is pretty much only the Allies in here and not fully done by any means, but they've been rebuilt from the ground up. Every unit was torn apart and rebuilt from scratch in order to make things as simple as possible in code. There is a new armour system, new health, new everything. So, have fun and experiment with it; you'll be much better at the real thing when we do finally shove Apoc out the door with Release 1 hot on it's heels.

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