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C&C : Generals Evolution : iiPrepare yourselves for a total conversion of Generals on brand new RNA engine. We'll bring you back to battlefield with stunning visuals and physics, we'll keep old stuff to for your enjoyment!

This mod will contain original Generals Models and Voices to keep game classic.

If you hate Generals models/voices - No Worries! Mod is competely OPEN SOURCE, yes, that's right, entire Mod SDK will be released to public use to make mods for this mod, dawg.

Let me list some mod features :

>>Cinematic Vehicles Destruction, powered by RNA engine.

>>Stunning particle effects.

>>Original C&C Generals Models/Voices with added Specular and normal mapping, which fits prefect.

>>Adaptive AI, which never bore you and amaze you everytime.

>>Remakes of original C&C Generals Maps.

>>Balance ported from original C&C Generals.

Working alone, as always, but expect weekly progress updates

HUGE Thanks to this guys :

Jafhar - Mod page Art, Assets support, ideas, best internet buddy.
sgor00 - Cameos Remake, Ideas, Some maps

This List will be updated.

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