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Author: Bittah Commander

I started working on a Tiberian Sun to Tiberian Dawn total conversion (using -slightly modified- original graphics from TD) quite a while ago as a personal project and especially at first it didn't seem to go anywhere.The mod eventually just died, but about a year after it died I started over.

It turned out Morpher was thinking about doing something similar, we came to the decision for him to make a Red Alert to Tiberian Sun total conversion simultaneously and we would eventually merge the mods. So the mod would be developed in 2 halfs; an RA and a TD half. I believe Morpher just finished converting about all structures, units, infantry and aircraft, along with all weapons and sounds (excluding things the TS engine canít handle of course; like the Chronosphere and the Iron Curtain) when he moved to Australia and was unable to continue to work on the mod.After that he couldnít find the time to work on the mod at all anymore, so unfortunately the RA half couldnít be finished, which is why now DTA will merely be a TS to TD total conversion after all.

The point of this mod was really to make you feel like you're actually playing TD, while having all the benefits of the TS engine (like online play, skirmish, modifiable keys, drag-scroll, etc.). Making everything look exactly like in TD was especially hard to accomplish with the terrain. The main problem is that when converting TD's terrain to TS's isometric terrain, it was impossible to make the roads, cliffs, rivers connect properly. After trying many complicated things to get this to work anyway (like giving the terrain the image of the clear ground and giving it a single frame animation which looks like the terrain), it finally turned out a simpler solution worked much better.I now made the terrain as invisible buildings with a bibshape which has the image of the terrain (and I use an impassable version of the clear ground to make the terrain impassable).This indeed does make mapping a real pain in the ass and it doesnít work flawless in game either, but itís still the best working solution I could think of. Possibly in a future release the terrain will be remade into actual (isometric) terrain.

Even though Iím mainly using slightly modified SHPs from TD in DTA, I completely had to remake the walls (for obvious reasons). I didnít do the wooden fence and barbwire, since theyíre never or rarely buildable in TD and really wouldíve been a waste of effort and time. The Sandbags wall, cyclone fence and concrete were completely made in MSPaint, which was a very time consuming proces, but in the end they all turned out much better then I expected.

This is the full mod (version 1.07), excluding the music files (which will have to be downloaded separately). To install the mod, simply extract all files within this zip file into the Tiberian Sun installation folder. The reason the music isn't included is because it's more than 3 times as big as the mod itself in file size and it's convenient for people to have the option not to download the music since not everybody needs it. This way you also won't be downloading the music again every time a new version of the mod is released.

Latest changes

* Version 1.07:Added: Multiplayer map "Towns of Sudan", made by warlord.
* Added: Multiplayer map "Sandy Plagues", made by warlord.
* Fixed: Problem which caused certain shores and rivers to not appear.
* Fixed: Multiplayer colors changed so they match the ones in TD.
* Fixed: Global unit speed has been reduced to 0.875.
* Fixed: Turned dinos into infantry again (they no longer work as vehicles because of the hack that was done to get 32 facings to work).
* Fixed: Restored the original size of all structures (the height of all structures was stretched to 120% before).

Version 1.06:
* Added: Smoke will appear after big fires or when buildings are destroyed.
* Added: Multiplayer map Enemy Lines, made by warlord.
* Added: Most Red Alert mouse cursors.
* Fixed: Replaced TS speeches "Alliance formed", "Alliance broken" and "Our ally is under attack" with a blank sound.
* Fixed: Prerequisites of the Rocket Launcher (Nod was unable to build the rocket launcher because of this).
* Fixed: Postion of the turret on the Hum-vee and Nod Buggy.
* Fixed: The Nuke now damages really everything within the blast radius (so what does or doesn't harmed get is no longer random). The blast radius had to be made much smaller to maintain balance however.
* Fixed: Missile and cannon weapons can no longer leave scorch marks or burn infantry.

Version 1.05:
* Added: Dead bodies will now remain for a while after killing an infantry.
* Added: Exploding animation for infantry.
* Added: Splashes (when projectiles hit the water).
* Fixed: All vehicles now have 32 facings instead of 8.
* Fixed: FiringFLHs on the Light tank, Rocket Launcher and Artillery.
* Fixed: Increased the amount of damage tiberium deals to infantry.
* Fixed: You'll now hear the TD EVA voice when you capture, disable or re-enable a building instead of the TS one.
* Fixed: All explosions now have sounds.
* Fixed: Certain weapons can now set trees on fire.
* Fixed: The commando can no longer kill multiple infantry in one shot.
* Fixed: The artillery is now more accurate.
* Fixed: The grenadier no longer throws its grenades in a high arc, it's slightly less accurate and it's no longer guaranteed that it'll kill an infantry with one or two grenades (it can range from 2 to 6 now).
* Fixed: The turret of the Gun Turret now has a damaged image.
* Fixed: Fire FLH of the Gun Turret.
* Fixed: The damage state of the Silo now works properly.

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