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The year is now 2019. The Tiberian World now stands with a very uncertain fate. The two most powerful and influential forces on the planet are trapped in a never ending dead lock of war and combat. Whilst the Global Defense Initiative has suffered many blows and military defeats, the faction itself still stands strong and has shown the world its amazing ability to endure harsh punishments and has recovered much lost ground. The Brotherhood of Nod has struggled and triumphed over its enemies, only for its victory to be short lived by the death of Kane the Messiah, causing an ever lasting deterioration through the Brotherhood and leading to defeats and chaos amongst the large faction. With the end of the First Tiberian War comes the dawn and age of a new, second Tiberian War, with new terrifying possibilities and potential. The fate of Earth lies dangerously unknown.

"Sir, I fear an Insurrection is imminent..." - Unknown

Twisted Insurrection is a stand alone, total conversion based on the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun engine, meaning you don't need to own Tiberian Sun to play. Twisted Insurrection features completely new units, structures (both new and old) and environments, but most of all unlike many other mods Twisted Insurrection, features a completely new in-depth story, set in an alternate timeline where the Brotherhood of Nod won the First Tiberian War.

Do you have what it takes to drag the shattered Global Defense Initiative out of ruin? Or will you crush all who oppose the will of Kane and his Inner Circle? The choice is yours commander.

Welcome to the Insurrection.

Can I play Twisted Insurrection Online?

Yes you can. Twisted Insurrection can be played online via CnCNet, Hamachi and XWIS, but CnCNet is the recommended option.

We have set up an IRC Channel where players will be able to arrange online games if desired. That IRC Channel can be found here.

An alternative to playing over Hamachi and XWIS is CnCNet which works flawlessly and is the Twisted Insurrection Staffs preferred option for playing Online Multiplayer. Twisted Insurrection already comes with CnCNet, so all you need to do is run CNCNet.exe, click on Network and you're good to go. If you encounter any problems, simply check out the CnCNet site for more information.

Overall: It is recommended that you play using CnCNet (Clicking Network on the main menu after running CNCNet.exe) than any other method.

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