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Tiberian DeeZire

-Extract this folder to your hard drive (NB: do not extract to your Tiberian Sun Directory)
-Double-click the Install.exe program to install Tiberium DeeZire
-Ensure the install path is correct (this must be installed to your Tiberian Sun directory)
-Launch Tiberian Sun to play

-Click Start > Programs > Tiberium DeeZire > Uninstall

-Double click ReadMe.doc in your Tiberian Sun directory OR
-Click Start > Programs > Tiberium DeeZire > Documentation

The documentation includes all features and known issues.

For more information and support, visit the Tiberium DeeZire website at

More maps, updates, plug-ins, features and utilities will be available from there.

Meet me in Westwood Chat as DeeZire

DeeZire :)

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