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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm Hints, Tips

Build anywhere
During game play, enter the options menu and select "Interface". Set North to "8", East to "6", West to "4", and South to "4" on the keypad. Resume the game and construct something. Take the building, and when you get an all white outline, click and hold down the mouse as if you want to place it down, but do not release the mouse button. Move the cursor over the build panel (far right) and using the number keys 2, 4, 6, 8, move to where you want to place your building. Then, release the mouse button and deploy your building under the menu panel. This may take a few tries.
Easy money
Build an EMP cannon and order some Rocket Infantry to attack the ground on it. Sell it while it is being repaired and shot, and you will get your money, an infantry, and your power. Plus you keep the cannon and it repairs for free. You can repeat this as many times as needed because the cannon will rebuild itself to be sold after its next use.
Laser Fence Snap
This is actually the NOD version of the Firestorm Defense. When an enemy approaches the fence, turn off a section of fencing for him to pass over. As soon as the opponent's unit is on the fence, re-activate it and you will have a one-hit kill. This works the best when your fence is stealthed and you are playing against a human opponent through a modem or network.
NOD mission 9 (Core Of The Problem): Defeating Cabal
When you have destroyed Cabal's missile silos and "borrowed" his Hunter Seeker Droid (cloaked at the top of the map), kill the Cyborgs around his Firestorm Defense protected core. Build six or more Banshees, five or more Artillery and about eight Tick Tanks. Have the Artillery attack Cabal's core. They will deploy and start shooting at Cabal. The Firestorm Defense will stop their bullets (which is expected for this trick). Next, deploy the Tick Tanks in front of your Artillery carefully, as they may get shot by his Obelisks. Capture all three Cabal Control Stations. This will cause Cabal the mutter something, then the Core Defender will start shooting the Tick Tanks. Quickly have your Banshees attack the Core. You should now have Artillery shooting the Core as well as the Banshees while the robot is distracted, blasting your Tick Tanks. This just gives you enough time to blow the core into oblivion. Although the "Mission Accomplished" will appear, the robot will still be running wild.
Firestorm defense
Play as the GDI. If your enemy likes air units or missiles, surround your base with the Firestorm Wall at a distance from your base, backed up with RPG Launchers. Whenever aircraft or missiles are detected coming toward you, turn the Firestorm on. When aircraft attack, wait until just before they cross the Firestorm line so that they cannot turn away before they are hit. Do not worry if the Firestorm is attacked by the enemy aircraft, it is pretty tough. Just bring some MRLS in to assist destroying the aircraft.
Unlimited Firestorm
Precise timing is required for this trick. Build a Firestorm generator. When it is ready, activate it, and blow it up as soon as it becomes activated. This works best if you have a Ghost Stalker. Have the Ghost Stalker place C4 on the generator, then when it flashes, quickly turn it on and it will automatically explode. The game will be fooled into thinking that you still have the generator. You can turn it off by building another generator and re-clicking on the Firestorm button.
Defeating the Core Defender
To defeat the Core Defender:

For GDI:
Capture a NOD construction yard. Cloak your base and troops with Stealth Generators. Have an infantry ready on the ground. Build firestorm wall sections around the infantry (the firestorm walls must be cloaked). When CABAL releases the Core Defender, the Core Defender will travel towards the uncloaked infantry to attack it and will have to enter the perimeter of the firestorm wall. Once the Core Defender step onto the firestorm wall section, activate the firestorm wall to destroy the Core Defender.

For NOD:
You do not need a GDI Construction Yard for this. The steps are similar except that "firestorm wall sections" is replaced with "laser fence sections". After you build the laser fence section, use the power mode to deactivate them. When you have lured the Core Defender into the laser fence section, activate the laser fence section once it steps on it to destroy it.