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Orange Touch Up [OTU] enhances Tiberian Sun Firestorm greatly and increases the gameplay possibilities while remaining the original feel of the game. Basically a rebalancing together with new content and lots of spleen.

List of features (incomplete, changes during development, to give you an expectation of OTU)

- Techleveling in-game close to AoE style.

- Heroes that can be trained and are available once.

- New Music and Sound effects, from realistic and real ones (real guns shoot) to wacky ones (Worms, Movie quotes etc.)

- New Visuals consisting of new projectiles and new unit look and new effects.

- Overall rebalanced and reedited, about 80% of the games code has been altered.

- New aircraft type: Spaceships which fly higher than normal aircraft and can only be taken out by anti space weapons. Also massive in scale. (version 8.X)

- New maps added, Bay of Pigs and the PPM Massive Map Pack 1.2. Self made maps are being considered.

- Sub-factions available through their techbuildings, Cabal, Black Hand, Shiners, Spec Ops.

- Many new units and a few new buildings.

- An AI that is fun to battle against in skirmish, depending on difficulty level you get normal gameplay or hard or just rush with massive amounts of units.

- Campaign compatible, custom campaigns being considered.

- The 4th Techlevel unleashing pure madness and havoc on the battlefield (version 9.X)

- TibEd compatibility so anyone even you can edit the mod and make your own mod or do changes as you prefer.

List of who I would like to thank and give regards to:

Tibed - Got me into modding C&C, very good for simple mods and holds great potential.
Will - for his tools which come really in handy.
PPM and Tibed Forum - most of my IE are fixed and knowledge comes from your posts.
Everyone who made free to use assets - I use quite a lot of these.
TiberFCSL - who gifted me the new menu which looks sweeter than sweet. Also for his advice feedback and general help.
Lin Kuei Ominae - His advices and attitude and the free assets he provided me and everyone with.
Apple - For his advices and efforts.

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