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- Tutorial videos to main menu
- Two new tutorial mails
- More speedup factors to battles

Advisor logic improvements:

- Don't give House of the Lord tutorial mission if player already has a church in every colony
- Fix for Palace nearby morale effect
- Updated low income mission to be more challenging
- Don't give a trigger mission directly when something bothers, but after a cooldown
- Build moar warships mission reworked
- Don't give "Found a new colony" random mission if there are no free colony spots
- Sanity check for Love Thy Neighbor trigger mission


- Fixed various memory leaks and crashes
- Tutorial mails are now skipped when tips are disabled in the main menu
- Added some missing tooltips
- Abandoning a colony now resets all the building, colonists, soldiers, warehouse and trading post contents
- Save and load imported resources/produces/products amounts
- All squadrons are now displayed in the lower bar on strategic level
- Ship sell price fixed

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