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Company of Heroes Skirmish/Multiplayermap

Map by ·Col.Clark· and Paco-Split-Croatia


Desert Duel (Scar Powered) - 2 player map

This map takes place in a rocky, desolate desert outpost surrounding a small train station. It might be small (like all ·Col. Clark· maps), but it is heavy on action. A good choice for the player short on time.

It is in .sga format. This means you have to put it in my documents/my games/company of heroes/ww2/scenarios (THIS IS NOT IN THE CoH MAIN DIRECTORY). You also don't have to run the game in -dev mode to play this maps! or

Some features of this map include:
o Map has Scar Code.
o 2 Player Map
o Infantry Reinforcements every 3 Minutes.

*as a treat for those who actually read these, try chunking explosives at the boxcars ;)

Script(Scar Code) by Paco-Split-Croatia / Map by ·Col. Clark·

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