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Battle of Foy
This map is based heavily on the Foy map from call of duty united offensive, so people familiar with that map will deffinatly want to download this one
Foy was a key town which was needed to be captured by the allies during the battle of the bulge. The americans sat for months in there fox holes
waiting for the oppertune moment to attack. Now obviously i couldnt make it a snow map, and since opposing fronts came out i was unable to add in masses of pine trees
but i have tried to impliment them in now.
Battle of Foy included, the town itself, the wide open fields the allies charged accross to get into foy, and the dense forrest situated on the out skirts.
As i have only just tested this map, ive found this map is perfect for the british ;) but please if anything wrong is found let me know and i will release a newer version.

4 player map based on Foy


To install extract Le Amein folder to C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\WW2\Data\Scenarios\MP

any serious problems email me at

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