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Afrika Mappack
(3 maps)

by: "$ TEXAS $"

Requires Opposing Fronts or patch v2+


Desert Fox:
A 4 player map: This map takes in the desert, with a small town and a central hill. There is also a small
canyon to bypass the hill and sneek areound to the enenys side.
(The differences in this map from the original maps are simply new ground textures and a few new items)

A 4 player map: This map, also in the desert, takes place a the mouth of a large canyon. Ecah team must navigate
through the canyon to the other side. The canyon is narrow and the only path for tanks. The top sides of the canyon
are infantry only access. So infanrty and armor are both very important in this map.

Desert Hill:
This is a single player style map. The map plays best as American or British, but you can play as Axis.
Play the map with fixed position and, although the player armys don't matter it looks best with the following
set up:
(1) American
(2) British
(3) Axis
(4) Panzer Elite
All four slots must be filled

The general idea is to hold the hill (as the Allies) for 40min, you will receive paradrops and some support units
at certain intervals during the game. You can recive extra Armor support by holding the bridge.

if the Allies lose the hill before 40min or lose all there units they lose.

Almost all attacking units are randomly selected, so the types of units you fight and the direction they come from
will vary from game to game.

You can play as axis, but it isn't very challenging.


Create folders if they don't exist

-Unzip the .sga files of the maps you want "Canyon.sga" "Desert Fox.sga" "Desert Hill.sga" to:

My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\WW2\Scenarios"

**You can find these maps in Kamino's Afrika Korps mod, this pack is for those who don't play mods or who want
to play these maps outside the mod.

Feel free to use this map in any way you want just give me credit for my work!

if you have any problems you can contact me at


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