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I making map The Big Defence on worldbuilder 4v4 map. Both sides allied & axis lots defence, Axis - 4 88mm flaks & 8 MG bunkers 2 artillery. Allied - 4 88mm flaks & 8 MG bunkers & 2 artillery. Lots of weapons items on floor both sides near middle cliff & many more weapon AT & mortar & HMG both sides, but problem CPU can't pick up AT & HMG & mortar & CPU didn't use artillery, only can pick up weapons item. Best multiplayer can pick up anythings.

Day-night cycle & some change weather light & heavy rain & storm & lighting & fog.

27.10.07 4:49am - Atmosphere change right way & colour unit
28.10.07 4:27pm - New pictures added weather & day-night cycle
4.11.07 7:05pm - I changed zipper folder much better added new mini map in game set up & loading screen, I been found info from website tutorials how making slots & base. Sga file no good because in game set up no mini map slots & no loading pictures.
Same map but improve 2 wide - brigde (middle) & under shallow water, keep free flow, when narrow - CPU alway jammed.
New atomsphere from The Valley map

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Easy put in folder - (C: )Program files>THQ>CompanyofHeroes>WW2>Data>scenarios>MP paste here

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