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Main Railway Line 2.0

This is the final version of Main Railway Line map. Still it's a large 3v3 players map crossed with many railways, still there are some urban and rural areas and one big industrial complex behind the river. But there are many changes due previous versions. Now in its shape the map will provide a new quality of gameplay (i hope).

- Each side has two brigdes connecting territories with industral complex. Now only railway bridges are destructable. So it's not possible to cut of this complex by destroying all bridges
- The main bridge (the one with road and a railway) has some tank traps from both sides, so players won't be able to attack enemy bases in the early game phase with vehicles. Now it's not so easy. To use this road with vehicles players will have to clean up those tank traps. This road is not blocked for infantry of course
- beetwen the main bridge and foot bridges in the map centre there is a passage where players can ford the river, this is a very important strategic place for the whole battle
- Each side have some weapons to crew near the front line. These are 1 Flak 88, 1 Howitzer, 1 antitank gun and few flakvierling guns for side. Howitzers are hidden very well and it won't be easy to destroy them
- I've optimised the map by moving out some "heavy" obcjects, this gave me some possibility to make the map more detailed with many strategic things like fences, walls, buildings, ditches etc.
- i've reduced a number of strategic/resource points. In previous versions it was easy to build the whole base, big army and gather many resources before the first contact with enemy. Now the number of strategic points will make them more important to control. So players are more determined to capture reasources located on the map

The map is prepared with either sga or sgb format
Have fun!

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