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City on the water
(3 Vs. 3)

By:B17gunner98th, Credit also goes to Hckyluke19 for ideas and testing,1st Sgt.McIntyre for Ideas, and $ TEXAS $ for helping me with questions.



City on the water:
A 3v3 map. A town that is seperated by a river (obviousley) with the allies on one side. Which the side of the river is completley undamaged.
While the Axis start with their town damaged heavily but has 88's and AA guns. It starts out with the axis cornered in the town. While across the
river, the Allies are gearing up for an assault on the heavily defended axis. The allies side has a park, a field (with gliders) like a start of
an invasion and alley fighting. The germans have the heavily defended airfield with also alley. Also a heavily wooded are which leads to the airfield.
They also have a huge cathedral. This is my first map so sorry for bad splats and what not for ideas and bugs or to wish to use my map E-mail me at,!


Extract to c:\program files\THQ\WW2\data\scenarios/mp

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