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Playable Area
-Re edit
-Dense Forest
-New Objectives
-Forces Change
NonPlayable Area
-Plane Zones

This is it!

The final part of the OldCity campaign If you are wondering what order this is well its BirthBeach->
highway231->NewCity->OldCity.But thats not all!

Plot twist #1:Newcity isn't old?

This isnt actually the same city but a allies war base filled with the 19th tank and 129th infantry

Plot twist #2:OldCitys' truth

OldCity wasnt actually built by allies but a reconstructed axis recoup base for allies injured!Yes
axis refugees went out of there way to help allies while the axis assualt base was trying to take
out the axis rebels and not the allies.

Plot twist #3:sercet of the NewCity Origin!

NewCity wasnt truely built by the allies but axis wanting to have a war camp intel for allies equipment
and machinery!Allies stormed on the axis engineers and war generals during the night with merely a small
129th divison spies.

Please play only this in victory point control, Dont play campaign as axis ill work on a
axis version for this campaign.

Terms of use

Do not modify the campaign or sell it in a cd or dvd
Do not reuse this work without nofitication from me.

If any questions, comments, or suggestions e-mail me at

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