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This map is a area of the city i live in, and the area is called Vollsmose and its located in Odense, Denmark.
Google Earth: 5524'12.08"N 1026'1.70"E

A friend wanted to make war in his neighborhood and requested a map of the area, and i needed a idea for something to build, so i said: i give it a try, and knowing the area made it a bit easier to place objects the right places.

Updated feb. 23. 08


Tactical map is now in colors.
Some tile bugs fixed.
Some spline/splat bugs fixed.
Some splats added.
New grass.
Some bushes around one of the resourcepoints removed (this was messing up the AI in my laerkeparken map, but wasn't really a problem in Fort Fjolleren, but i just removed em anyway.
Ground level adjusted some places so that the ground don't grow out of the walls.

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