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Rocky Highlands
(2 vs. 2 map)
by ·Col. Clark·

This map takes place in an open, yet very hilly and rocky terrain surrounded by a dense pine forest. Also in one of the corners there is a small town. With the lack of chokepoints, the player(s) must be able to keep on their toes and manage the whole map at one time making this a map for those who want an elevated challenge rather than sit back and have artillery do all the work.

***This map does require patch 2+ or Opposing Fronts to run. As long as you keep up to date you should be fine


-Unzip all the files in "" into "My DocumentsMy GamesCompany of HeroesWWIIDataScenarios" (KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT THE COMPANY OF HEROES MAIN DIRECTORY)

***Dev mode not needed***

As usual, my maps are not tested with any mods; they will probably work, but no guarantees.

Feel free to use/distribute this map in any way you want (I'll find it flattering); just give me credit for my work!

If you have any problems (as in it doesn't work) you can contact me at nac0777[AT]
Constructive critisism/suggestions are greatly welcomed in the comments. Also if you would like to see a 3 on 3 version, leave a comment.


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