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Hi everyone! Me again, with my brand new map Deux Poissons. This a 2v2 Map located around a small

village next to a lake. This was made using OF, so those with CoH versions under 1.7 may experience

problems. Have fun with this map, and unlike my other two, this one I am open to changing. So if

anyone has any ideas as to improve it, let me know in the comments section.



Deux Poissons is a little town in southern france, that has been lucky enough to be completely

missed by both, world war I, and the German advance through the Western Europe. Now this little town

finds itself in the middle of the battle between the Allied, and Axis armies.



Just F.Y.I., this is a fictional town. The name is supposed to mean "Two Fish", in French.

Apologies to any french speaking people for unintentional butchering of their language. I used an

online translator for the name.


-Four Fig Newtons

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