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Author: LeroyPutty

Readme File:
Cochon du Lait (1v1)
Normandy, France 1944

This map is for the Relic Map contest and is made for 1v1 mutiplayer. For contest balance discussion please go to

VP = 3
Muni = 72 (+5)x4 (+10)x2 (+16)x2
Fuel = 40 (+5)x4 (+10)x2
Strat = 5

Game Play:
Fast pasted somewhat open map with lots of hedges and buildings. All the Med-High recourses can be cut off, but with enough close to base so you can still put up a fight. Units will have plenty of avenues to set up flanking attacks to the building heavy center. There is med-heavy cover in almost every area on the map and pathing should not be a problem. I have recently optimize it for the contest but still need to polish a few things.

I have tested it many times with friends and have made plenty of balance changes and tweaks. Anymore balance or art suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

PE: are going to have +10 fuel pretty close to the HQ so defend/attack it.
USA: Nades and mortars are great if the enemy shacks up in the center.
WM: Good MG movement can really pay off.
Brits: Move your truck out to either side, be careful were you put it.

Things to do:
New lobby map images.
New loading screen to reflect map changes.
Any other pending balance changes.

To install and play online with CoH-Launcher go to

Contest and individual uses only.

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