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Author: Eagle_69_NoFace

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Readme File:


Two 6 player maps

Neckar Valley Map is set in Heilbron Germany 60k from Frankfurt Near the Salt Mines.
This map has a normal ammount of resources and some great choke points, with cobblestone
roads and hedgerows.

Urban Assult Map is in Downtown Munich where the Germal National Museum Now exists
This map has a large amount of resources and bridge crossings, Stairs and cobblestone
borders finish this map nicely. This is a large map with lots of detail.
I wish i could have put more detail but it may have become unplayable.

Install intsructions

1: Navigate to your install folder here you will find your Maps folder eq;

C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesWW2DataScenariosmp

2: Drag and drop the Eagles2Pack folder into the C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesWW2DataScenariosmp folder

Shortcut Instructions

4: In order to play the new maps u must first create a new shortcut to Company of heroes to

allow modified content. copy and paste the Company of Heroes shortcut

5: Rename the new shortcut to cohmaps or whatever you want

6: Right click the new shortcut select properties

7: click the shortcut tab there you will find the Target it will look somthing

like this depending on where you installed it eq;

"C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe"

8: Add -dev at the end of target, depending on where you installed it will then look something like this eq:

"C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe" -dev

9: Lastly click apply, run this shortcut and enjoy

Any questions can be forwarded to the Eagle_69_NoFace@
Feel free To share or modify just give me a plug Eagle_69_NoFace

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