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Author: Tripisis

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Info: Nijmegen map for company of heroes. Nijmegen where hold by german ss forces while the us airborne and british tank battalions where to take Holland and make a clear passage into the Rhein industry areas but the misson was a flap the bridge was destroyed and german forces falled back leaving the city unprotected but allies forces rebuild the bridges and march into Nijmegen that was known as the Nijmegen march.

Creator: Tripisis aka Kristoffer Wilsgaard

Contact info: Want to help create this map? or just found a bug? contact me at

Install: Put the files into C:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTHQCompany of HeroesWW2DatascenariosMP
Create a shortcut from your Relic.exe and set -dev in the start line.

Enjoy more versions will come im sorry for bugs and stuff but just contact me if you find any bugs.

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