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By September 19th 1944, Patton's hard-charging Third Army finally crossed the Moselle River at Nancy and Dieuouard .

Posing a serious threat to the German border, Hitler gathered his forces near a small town called Arracourt… remnants of the 11th Panzer Division and 111th, 113th Panzer Brigades were ordered to halt Patton's advance at all cost. Known as the “Battle of the Hellcats” the largest tank-to-tank battle during WWII had begun.

The sheer scale of this battle is often clouded by the “Battle of the Bulge” and the accounts of bravery on both sides compelled me to research the battle and create my first map for Company of Heroes.

During WW2 the area was a mix of woodland, orchards and arable land, today most of the forest line seems to of disappeared and has been replaced by arable fields... The small town of Arracourt has grown in size but the layout and roads remain the same.

This is my first map and I have attempted to recreate the surrounding landscape as best I can, but as my skills grow I will look to make changes and improvements. Please offer feedback I also need help in map packing and adding weather settings adjustable in the game lobby as I had to get a mate (Thanks Vyvjala) to pack this for me. I have a weather settings option that works in Sgb format but doesnt pack into an sga.. I am hoping to add options for Dawn, Sunny or Night Time in the next version. But any help would be welcome with regards to packing SGA's

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