Company of Heroes, review by Greekraven

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This game simply blew my mind. A friend recommended it, and I went to the website to check it out and immediately had to buy it. When I picked it up I didn't stop playing for a day. It still gets me sucked in when I turn it on.

Gameplay - Incredible. Commanding squads is fun. They're even pretty smart in that they take cover when they're under fire. The ONLY ONLY ONLY complaint I have with the game is that the tanks are kinda... dumb. Haha. They don't turn when being fired on (rear armor is weaker than front armor), and their movement is kind clunky. Other than that, tank fights are pretty exciting to watch.

Graphics - In game looks amazing. The landscape and its elements look amazing and are very interactive. Everything can be blown up (trees, foliage, buildings, etc) and used for cover, which is great. The intro movies for missions are done in a conceptual style which looks awesome to an artist's eyes.

Sound - The music is cool. Gunshots and explosions sound realistic. The units have responses which is cool, but I wish they had some funnier ones like in Warcraft 2 if you clicked on them enough. Those were great.

It's an amazing game.
Posted on 07/07/2007 12:05
9.2 perfect