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A Company of real Heroes

When I first saw this game, I've said to my self : "Oh,no ! Not another W.W.II RTS game ! Hey, the world has had enough !" . I've said it in my other user reviews, I'm not a fan of the genre. I honestly think that there are way to many games based on the W.W.II tragedies, but I'm a RTS fan at the same time, so this makes me wanna try games like this one, hoping every time that something different comes in, and a new "light" is born,which would make other game producers to try a little harder in making their games. That is competition, the will to be the best. But, every time I've tried a game like this one I was disappointed... nothing new, with only the tanks looking a bit different from my previous game I've played.

When I started to play it, it was a complete surprise. This is one of few games which I would call real time strategy W.W.II based story. You have to forgive my surprise, but this game managed to challenge me in every level, and there are not that many games that I could say the same about them. I could use in it real tactics like flanking, or "pine them down" and many. For example, I was in one of the missions when the enemy is fortified and since I don't like loosing men,or tanks (or any other units), I had to decide a way I could approach them close enough for a satchel charge to be thrown and blow them away. Flanking was not an option,since it would require a few casualties while I draw their fire on some of my units, so I've used a smoke barrage... two simple things, a smoke grenade and a satchel charge made the difference between a heavily defended post and one of my squads of six men. That is one of the things I liked most about this game : no matter how hard you try to be invicible, you can never be,because none of the units alone is.

Before talking about how great this game is, let's say a few words about other known releases, from other game companies...In other games, some retarded producers (I will explain why I call them like that) thought : "If a men with a rifle shots in a tank, the tank will be hit, but eventually it will win the battle", and they had the nerve to say about their game that is in RTS genre. I have a few question for them,simple ones : do you honestly think that you can hurt a tank with a simple rifle ? Do you think that tanks are made of cardboard ? Did you ever shoot down a tank with a rifle ? Cause if you did, with just a rifle (I'm not speaking about shooting for three days in it, cause you will eventually manage to scratch it), then I'm retarded, and I will buy all your games from now on and make good reviews about them,no matter what. Sorry, but I had to get that out of my mind, because I'm tired of watching tanks shoot down by arrows.

This game is a real breath of fresh air, compared to that.Let's take for example a tank (let's say panzer) versus a squad of airborne infantry. Now, I don't like making millions of units, because I think that a men, placed at the right time in right place can win the war,so I had to fight against tanks with infantry a lot. Hitting them with rifle fire will only tickle them, but, throwing a sticky bomb or a satchel charge in the rear armor really makes a difference.And the AI reacts at your decisions : with one squad you can never win, but with two (one drawing the fire, and the other approaching from the back) you can easily win. Speaking about AI I can only say that is smart, counter attacks, is trying to flank you and uses all the available tactics and strategies.

The game itself let's you try your imagination without hurting your inteligence (I'm talking about the fact that heavy weapons like artilery do miss from time to time,unlike other games) and made me stay all night playing it.

My favourite units are,of course, the snipers. The deadly shaddows who can hit and hide. With 2 or 3 snipers I've cleaned out an entire square filled with germans troops, and I've managed to avoid many ambushes. Eventually, if you have long range artilery available, and want to sacrifice a sniper, you can set him to "hold down fire", get him in the enemy base and unleash a devastating strike. So for me, snipers are the most important units, but with them alone, you can never win, because that is not enough.

I will not spoil anymore surprises this games has, and I will speak about the bad parts of it...
The first thing I've noticed is the fact that it has no melee combat. It's upsetting to see two men very close to each other fighting with rifles. With a little more work, I bet it could be done something about that.
Another thing is the squad idea : well not the idea itself (because I can live with it) but the fact that sometimes, one of the unit remains behind, blocked after a hole in the wall, while the others managed to pass. It happened with enginers, and since you only have 3 in the squad, if you want to build something, it's gonna take a little longer, since one of them isn't there to help his comrades.
The last thing I'm going to talk about is units passing through walls, but this doesn't happen very often, so I supposse I could live with that.

In the end, I can say that no matter the bugs, or the story that was so used before by others, this game is unique. You can play it with you friends or against them, or seek the ultimate challenge : 1 vs 7 controlled computers. In any case, this is surely the best RTS based on W.W.II story I've played so far.
Posted on 10/07/2006 05:19
9.2 perfect

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Hay man that that is a grate review man I Give it my two thubs up.
Posted on 10/11/2006 15:45