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In this Mod you can build over 40 different infantry troops (Axis + Allies together). There are 4 phases for both sides to research. In the last phase you can build ONE tank (you have to decide which tank you want. The Mod includes many new units, some new buildings and 4 infantry maps.

New Units/Buildings:
Infantry: Pioneer, Scout-Team, Paratroopers, Flamethrower-Troop, Merchant, SS-Pioneers, SS-Volksgrenadiers, SS-Panzergrenadiers, SS-Paratroopers, SS-Storm Troop, SS-MG-Team, SS-Mortar-Team, Flamethrower-Troop, SS-Sniper
Vehicles: Opel Blitz
Buildings: SS-Troop quarter, HQ, Tower, small House, big House

Infantry: Engineer, Scout-Team, Flamethrower-Troop, Explosive team, Merchant, Elite-Engineers, Elite-Riflemen, Elite-Airborne,
Elite-Ranger, Elite-MG-Team, Elite-Mortar-Team, Elite-Flamethrower-Troop, Elite-Explosive team, Elite-Sniper, Officer, Medal of Honor-Holder
Fahrzeuge: M3 Transport Vehicle
Gebäude: Elite-Barracks, HQ, Tower, small House, big House

installation instructions:
Unpack the archive and copy the folder "InfantryMod" and the File
"InfantryMod.module" in your Company of Heroes directory
(standard: c:Program FilesTHQCompany of Heroes). Create a shortcut of the
RelicCOH.exe and open the attributes
of it. Write a -dev -modname InfantryMod at the end of the target. Save the
changes and start the mod via the Shortcut.

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