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Europe In Ruins Modification - ALPHA!
fldash -


* This is a MULTIPLAYER MOD only!

* To install run EIR_Setup.exe. It should automaticaly select your Company of Heroes
directory, however if it doesn't, please choose it.

* EIR Launcher should be used in most cases to start a game.
You can use 'Default Battle' files if you don't wish to create a company on our site.

* If the EIR_Launcher fails to work, you'll have to start the mod using the start menu
shortcut in the Europe In Ruins start menu folder.

* Make sure when playing online you select the Europe In Ruins victory condition.

* Our default channel for organizing 'default' battle games is 'Dieppe' on Relic Online.

* Our IRc channel is on, channel #EuropeInRuins

* Teamspeak information available at our site:

* If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on our forums.


* Fixed installer. Puts correct directory in 'Start In' path for it's shortcuts.
* Doctrine abilities work. (I think...)
* Territory manager revamped again, does it work?
* Optimized some code for when a player is killed.

* EIR Launcher is much more improved.
* vCOH 1.6 Changes
* Doctrine abilities only available once your company arrives (FOR SURE THIS TIME!)
* Reinforcing re-enabled, it's much more expensive and takes more time.
* Fixed the way territory is captured. Report issues please. There were some problems in testing but I could never reproduce them consistently.

* Doctrine abilities only available once your company arrives with exceptions (Raid)
* Various cost/pop-cap changes.
* Fixed fatal SCAR error.
* Fixed Stuka upgrade doctrine ability.
* Pop Cap starts at 30 increases to 55. It increases by 1 every 1.25 minutes.

* Pop Cap starts at 30 increases to 55. It increases by 5 every 5 minutes. (Testing)
* Vehicles and cloakable units no longer turn territory.
* When setting up defense, if you get to close to an attackers spawn you get a warning. If you continue closer, the offending units are warped back to your offmap position.
* Health on building decreased by 1/2.
* Reinforcing removed.
* Various cost/pop-cap changes.
* Doctrines added. One is broken (Stuka upgrade one, it's free for now)...

Details coming soon...

Added: Officer Supervise State
Changed: Repair Rate Lowered
Changed: Various Unit Costs/Pop Caps
Changed: Minimum Platoon Cap 8, Max 40
Changed: Readjusted Mortar/HMG health Values
Fixed: Various Bugs
Fixed: Sync error, woops.

Fixed: Swapped upgrades (Stuka/Flammenwafer, M8 Armour/MG)
Fixed: Riflemen can now retreat offmap.
Changed: Max pop cap on the field lowered to 40.
Changed: Various cost/pop changes to squads.
Changed: Officer now comes with artillery and route enemy by default.
Changed: All buildable buildings health increased by 300%.
Changed: Health of mortars and HMG's significantly reduced (affects weapons, not crews)
Added: Officer can supervise stationary troops (mortar, hmg, nebel) and grant them a 20% increase in accuracy.
Added: Axis tank upgrades, MG42 and Armour Skirts for Panther, PzIV, Stug, and Stuh.
Added: 1 second delay between calling in platoons.

Fixed: Rangers not spawning with bazookas.

Fixed: Platoon groups 5 as Allies now usable, Platoon groups 4, 5, and 6 now usable as Axis.
Fixed: Population is correctly computed when calling in reinforcements.
Fixed: 88 needing resources.


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