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Changes include:

Battletest 1.6 [2.00]

NEW Battletest Map

- 1v1 Duclair.
- 1v1 Sturzdorf BT version.

Bug Fixes

- M3 Halftrack bug fixed.
- Infantry AI has been tweaked so they actually stay in cover.
- All weapons now do the same damage to both enemy and yourself. Some broken, reversed values are now fixed.
- Pak38, Nebelwerfer, 57mm AT, Airdropped AT can now reinforce.
- Captured weapon squads will no longer reinforce instantly.
- Unkillable 5% health on the Observation Post is now removed.

Generic Changes

- All AT Guns vs Non-Armor types accuracy significantly decreased. No more "AT Sniping".
- Panzerschreck, Recoilless Rifle, Bazooka accuracy vs Infantry reduced to 15% (from 35%). Accuracy vs Sniper reduced to 5% (from 35%).
- Allied Jeeps and Axis Motorcyles are now more evasive (decreased accuracy) vs Panzershreks, RRs and Bazookas when on the move.

Axis Changes

- Axis Tiger Ace revamped. New stats + black model/skin (from single player campaign).
- Axis Panther can now crush Tank Traps and hedgerows.
- Axis StuG and StuH's gun traverse speed increased to 30 (from 15)
- Axis Puma 20mm reload is now 5s (6 vanilla). Puma 50mm reload decreased to 7s (from 9).
- Axis Flammenwerfer upgrade price to 125 Mun (from 100). Damage increased to 40-20 from 30-10. Range is now 25.
- Axis Goliaths, 25% more evasion added. Price reduced to 100 Mun (from 125).
- Axis Nebelwerfer cost reduced to 310 MP (from 325), buildtime reduced to 35s (from 40). Damage bug fixed: It was doing more damage to friendly than enemies. 40-20 (from 30-20).
- Axis Flak88 rotation speed (horizontal/vertical) increased to 75/120 (from 40/100). 88's HP increased to 300 (from 200). Build time reduced to 60s (from 90). Bazookas and Tanks now have a 0.75 damage modifier vs the Flak88. Flak88 damage vs structures reduced, now matches the Tiger's 88mm. Penetration vs Jeep increase.
- Axis Knights Cross Holder's cost reduced to 360 (from 390).
- Axis Stormtrooper's Mp44 upgrade costs reduced to 50 Mun (from 75). Stormtrooper Bundle Grenade range reduced to 18 (from 20).
- Axis Grenadiers LMG42 upgrade improved slightly in terms of damage and suppression rate. Cost remains the same.
- Axis Sniper build time reduced to 40s (from 60).
- Axis Officer accuracy improved to 25%/50%/75%. Critical ratio improved to 20% full, 30% half. Buildtime decreased to 45s (from 60).
- Axis Firestorm delay reduced to 4s (15 vanilla).
- Axis V1 Rocket price reduced to 300 Mun. Drop delay reduced, now 6s w/ 4s warning audio before it lands. V1 audio has been fixed to sync with new drop time.
- Axis Propaganda CP reduced to 2 points (from 3).
- Axis Blitzkrieg no longer gives accuracy penalty.
- Axis Assault Phase Fuel cost reduced to 45 (from 55). Battle Phase Fuel cost reduced to 55 (from 65).
- Axis Kampkraft Center price decreased to 100/20.
- Axis Manpower Blitz cooldown increased to 4m (from 3). Penalty duration is now 2m.

Allied Changes

- Allied Pershing ability increased to 5 CP (from 4). Cost reduced to 800 MP (from 900). Radius fixed.
- Allied Sherman .50 Cal upgrade reduced to 75 Mun (from 100). 76mm upgrade weapon radius reduced to match the Sherman's default gun.
- Allied Croc radius reduced to 3 (from 4). Damage reduced to 40-20 (from 50-20). Range is now 25.
- Allied Calliope rotation speed decreased to 33 (from 35). Acceleration decreased to 1.3. Max speed decreased to 5 (from 5.2).
- Allied M8 's main gun reload shortened to 7s (from 9). Mine cooldown increased to 30s (from 15).
- Allied 57mm AT Gun's damage vs Axis Flak88 reduced by half.
- Allied Off-map drop delay reduced to 3s. On-map 105mm Howizter buildtime reduced to 60s (from 90). On-map Howizter cooldown increased to 90s (from 60).
- Allied Rangers HP increased +5 per squad member. Rangers Bazooka accuracy increased to 25% (from 15%) long range and 50% (from 40%) medium range. Penetration changed to 6/4/0.5 (from 5.9/2/0.3).
- Allied Paratroopers now cost 52 to reinforce (from 62).
- Allied Rifleman Sticky Bomb damage reduced to 50-100 (from 100-150). BAR suppression duration is now 7s (from 15).
- Allied MG AP rounds now lasts 30s (from 20).
- Allied Sniper build time reduced to 40s (from 50).
- Allied Supply Yard upgrade costs decreased to 100/50, 150/100 respectfully.
- Allied Off-map Combat Support now brings in either 2x M10s and 1x Ranger or vice versa.
- Allied War Machine price reduced to 200 Mun (from 250), lasts 20s (from 45), cooldown increased to 3m (from 1).

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