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This Mods download, is the same as the Combat Revolution v2 Final ONLY as that download is 75mb in size, i released a LITE version (This one) which is MUCH MUCH smaller well within download capabilitys, This mod is IDENTICAL to the other version ONLY it doesnt not have the following:
Custom Sound Files (gunfire, explosions etc...) (NOT INCLUDED!!)
Custom Skin Files (troops vehicles etc...) (NOT INCLUDED!!)

for complete changes see here...

Very Easy simply extract ALL files/folders into your Company of Heroes Install Location
Default: C:Program FilesTHQCompany of Heroes

Then copy the shortcut on you desktop for you Company of Heroes game, and paste it again (so you have 2 shortcuts for Company of Heroes)
Rename the one u just pasted so that you know what mod it is "COH Combat Revolutionv2" is suggested

Right click on your renamed / newly pasted shortcut and click properties...
In the command line text box, at the VERY END add the following

-dev -modname Combat_Revolution

If you cannont get the mod to run, or find an error, or wish to contact me for any reason, you can email me at
you can sign up-to our forums at then post in the forums if you have issues!

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