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- Axis tank traps now operate properly. They will stop light vehicles (HTs, m3ACs, etc) exactly as they did in previous versions of the game.

- Allied barbed wire was fixed. In official 1.3, allied barbed was bugged and would block axis Halftracks and armored cars just like tank traps. It now operates exactly as it should (pre 1.3 patch).

These are the *ONLY* two things this mini-mod does. There are no gameplay elements changed at all. I was driven to do this myself because these bugs are so glaringly bad they ruin gameplay for me and made the game feel broken. Why Relic didn't release a hotfix for this is beyond me, all it took to remedy was a few simple changes in the buildable structure stats using Corsix's mod tools.

It will work over lan with two clients both using it, and has been tested as such. But this will not work on relic's online service, so don't even try it.


Copy the files from the .rar into your Company of Heroes directory. Make a new shortcut on your desktop and modify the "Target" line at the end with:

-modname trapfix -dev

Depending on where you installed Company of Heroes, your shortcut might look different, but here is the default:

"C program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe" -modname trapfix -dev

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