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This is the latest release of my mod, it was made by Me (Member
name:SgtDPilla, ALSO PSC - Pilla Soft Coding)

The file is called Combat Revolution Mod v3.22 and is by PSC - Pilla Soft
Coding, their website is at and their forums are at

The Discription of the Mod:
" This version focused on tweaking of 3.00, but has included some new
things, complete change log is below...

As another side note, I would just like to say this version is fantastic
and I have tryed my hardest to remove any bugs!
Cover plays a VITAL role, if your troops are in the open they will be
uteraly destroyed, if they are in garrison or heavy or light cover, then
enemy will be uteraly destroyed...USE COVER! COVER COVER COVER COVER

The readme (or changelog) is below the ( = ) below....

There is NO LITE version avalible

New Rescource Drop Ability
Less B.A.R Suppression
New Squad - Weapon Capture Crew
Howitzer Range Increased
Added Tracer Effect to Strafing Run
Howitzer Buildable
Riflemen now have larger hitpoints....can stand to fight better
Delta Force have larger hitpoints...can stand to fight better
Quad .50cal Upgrade more expensive
Sticky bombs/stachel chargers cheaper
Airborne drop with 12 men now
Airborne stronger

New Squad - Weapon Capture Crew
Nebelwerfer and Stuka Range increased
All Axis Squads are much larger than allie squads
Re-Did Stuka Accuracy
Re-Did Nebel Accuracy
Bulgian Gates defense added
Added better building skins
Different Vehicle Skins
Bunkers Heal Guys
AI Use V1 Rocket
New Squad - Iron Cross Paratroopers

I have COMPLETLY re-done the tank system...Much longer tank
battles...Shells fly everywhere!!
Removed Remainder of Unit Occlusion
Increased weapon ranges...mainly Tank guns
All Mortar ranges greatly increased
Removed Warstaff's Advanced AI Mod v1.2, Reverted to version 1
Mortors more effective against vehicles
Removed All tracers from rifles and Machine Guns (sub machine included,
sniper excluded)
All rescource points have increased rescources per second...GREATLY INCREASED
AI Made slightly easier to play against
Tanks are a rarer
Better Axis/Allied Flags
Grenades Free
Force troops to prone by pressing ' T ' when you have troops selected
Added keyboard shortcuts...(see below in "Notes")
No Tanks avalible for 10 minutes (bigger infantry battles)
MG and SMG nerfs
All new art for some units
Further Grenade Range Buff (45meters)
All ambient buildings stronger
ALOT of general bug fixes, and tweaks (AS IN A SHITLOAD!!!) (AS in OVER
(by a mile) 300+)

I removed version 1.2 of the Advanced AI mod as it caused incompatability
issues with Combat Revolutions main aim...
I reverted back to version 1 of Advanced AI which is Combat Revolutions
2.66 version, as it provided the most fun for the

** This Mod is FULLY Compatable with all versions of Company of Heroes,
including version 1.71**

F9 ToggleShowTaskbar
F8 ToggleShowGameUI
F7 ToggleShowFPS

Control+Left", "GameSpeed_Slower
Control+Right", "GameSpeed_Faster
Control+Down", "GameSpeed_Half
Control+Up", "GameSpeed_Double

Control+F", "Camera_FollowSelection
Control+S", "TakeSuperScreenShot

Work on Combat Revolution for COH has now stoped...I have commenced work
on Combat Revolution for COH Opposing Fronts

Company of Heroes is crashing when changing graphical settings that
require the game to restart, the game will crash but will
still keep the graphic settings. This issue is due to the 1.7 patch,
Patching to version 1.71 has not proven to resolve this issue

AI perform tempremental...

Any Issues relating to this mod, you can obtain help from

Advanced AI mod version 1.0 made by Warnstaff of the relic forums
Jarhead, for his flag mod
Mr Bildo in the Relic Forums Community for Supplying the Illumination Flare
Company of Heros Relic Fourm Community for their continuing help and support.
Corsix in the Relic Forum Community for Supplying the Mod Studio
Kyranzor in the Relic Forum Community for his Fantastic Efforts in
answering my questions about modding...Could'nt have done it without him
The Relic Forum Admin and Moderators for their help with the answers to my
Rebel5555 in the Relic Forum Community for allowing me to use parts of his
Remix 1.7 Mod (SS Squad, Rangers Buildable + others that ive forgotten)
EyesThatBlaze for her fantastic help while i was making this mod...with
her continuing help with answering my quires
LoranKorn from the Relic Community for allowing me to include his Sound Mod
Thanks to Djukle for the burning wrecks mod, and his prone mod
BuckyBoy for help with other parts of my mod


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