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CoHNHCmod v1.71
by ab2531

1)First of all, if you have previous NHCmod version, delete the folder \Company of Heroes\NHC
and all its contains

!Never delete the \Company of Heroes\Engine\Locale or you'll be in big troubles!!!!

if you have the 1.5 or the 1.0 version (only)
You will have to delete the files:
- NHC.English.ucs from \Company of Heroes\Engine\Locale\Engligh
- NHC.French.ucs from \Company of Heroes\Engine\Locale\French
if not, go to 2)

2)Extract all files in your \THQ\Company of Heroes directory.

3)I made a .bat file, so you dont have to create a shortcut with the command line
"[D:\Program Files]\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -modname NHC -dev
(but if you want, you can do it)
Just click on the NHCmod.BAT file to play the mod.

If you did fine, you will see 'NHCmod v. 1.71' displayed in the main menu.

New units:
- Mass-producted Sherman
It costs less time to be built and is cheaper. But It can't be upgraded with the 76mm gun and is weaker
but it is faster.
It allows allies to have more tanks so they will not be outnumbered by german tanks. It can be upgraded
with Armor Skirts instead of Crab Mine Flail. (He has a green skin)

- Radio Operator (From Dawn of Conflict mod by Kamino)
He can call Air recon flight and artillery Support on the battlefield. You can't have more than 2 of them.
They can be trained in the Weapons Support Center.

- Axis paratroopers
They can be called from the Kampfkraft Centre. They require an upgraded named 'Call the Luftwaffe' and
need some time to be paradropped. Only 3 squads available and they need a barrack or an halftrack to be reinforced.
They are considered as Weapon Teams not infantry squads (for veterancy research).

general changes:
- the cost of vehicles are reduced with the allied armored company. (That's not for balance purpose, but it
is more realistic, since the allied did have much more tanks than the germans. Axis player, don't worry, the german tanks
are still the best.)
- All axis heavy tanks can be upgraded with Armor Skirts.
- the 105mm cannon of the StuH has been improved.
- nebelwerfer max range increased.
- howitzer's max range increased.
- paratroopers can pick up more weapons.
- Volkgrenadier max size squad increased to 8.
- grenadiers maw size squad increased to 6.
- Stormtroopers pop cost fixed.
- V1 rocket damage increased.
- "Releasing smoke" speech of the supply truck deleted.
- The officer can be upgraded with a mp44. (His mp44 is very effective like the Powell's Thomson)
- The mod works on 1.71 version of CoH.

- The annoying bug that cause dead bodies to block vehicle is now corrected.

This is a 'lite' version without skin. The main purpose of this version was to balance the mod. But I did not have
the time to do everything. (Adding a new feature cost me from 5 minutes to 4 hours!)

Special note on 'How to stop Powell?':
Many axis players complaint me on the fact they could not stop Powell. So here are some ways to stop him:
- 1 HitlerJugend squad can deal with Powell if they are close enough and use their special ability.
- one suicidal squad(Volksgrenadier) + 1 sniper can deal with Powell. (The sniper fire on Powell, when he fight against the squad)
- 1 puma can easily kill Powell (or any infantry squad)
- 2 flammenwerfer Team can burn Powell.
- any heavy tank can beat Powell.
- one Panzerschreck shot can kill Powell (if it hit Powell of course).

If you still can't kill Powell, you really are a sucker....(shame on you)

Note on 'why the Tiger Ace is in the Sturm armory while the standard Tiger is in the Panzer Command?'
I agree it was quite stupid, but I didn't want to have them in the same building because they have the same icon...
(It is the same explanation for the Stug and the StuH, except the fact that the AI don't want to build to Stug anymore
if he can build the StuH in the same building) Anyway,
The Tiger ace costs now more than the standard one and requires the Panzer Command

New unit: Flammenwerfer Team
It is a team of 3 flamethrowers extremely effective against infantry at short range. I had to create them
because too many people wanted something to counter Powell. They may be built in the Wehrmacht Quarters
but require the Escalate to Skirmish Phase. Only 3 squads available.

- locale folder moved to avoid conflict with other mods.
- other languages supported. (Chinese, Czech, English, german, Italian, Korean, Polish,....)
- dead bodies stay on the battlefield. (Only full bodies stay on the battlefield, an exploded soldier
will disappear, soldiers killed by sniper also disappear)
- Triage center can now be built out of command territory.
- german bunkers have a supplementary upgrade that allow to heal nearby troops.
(Aid Station upgrade required first)
- panzerschreck, panzerfaust, bazzoka,sticky bomb and recoilless rifle damage increased.
- Change the wire cutter ability so that it is already researched for both side.
- so, the upgrade for wire cutter in allied HQ does not exist anymore.
(seriously, an engineer or a pioneer who come on the battlefield without his wirecutter is not serious)
- Sherman Calliope Barrage ability recharge timer changed to 40 seconds.
- all population requirement changed to be more realistic.
in facts: sniper cost 1, tank cost 4 or 5, and howitzer, AT88',nebelwerfer cost 0 (just the guys who use them cost in pop).
- regular Tiger cost reduced to 780 manpower and 150 fuel.
- Tiger ace cost increased to 920 manpower, 140 fuel and 70 ammo. (Panzer Command required)
- Tiger ace have a normal line of sight.
- Hitler-Jugend healthpoint reduced.
- Powell now needs 60 seconds to be created and the Weapons Support Center and the Barrack are required.
- Powell is less effective against snipers.
- Powell can be upgraded with a thomson which is better at close range but useless at long range.
- fixed the axis supply truck driver.
- deleted the panzerfaust from the axis supply truck. (It was too weird)
- reduced the scouts line of sight. (not too much, they still see far enough)
- max scouts= 3 (because, the AI build too much of them)
- flakvierling has an icon.
- The Airbone company can call snipers on the battlefield. (Paratrooper upgrade required)


New Units
- the Supply truck: Gives some manpower, fuel and ammunition.
It is very useful because it can also produce weapons like thomson, BAR, M9Bazooka for the allies
and mp44,mg42,panzerfaust,panzerschreck for the axis side. The german supply truck can also reinforce
troops but it's slower and gives less suplly than the allies one.
it can be produced for the allies: in the Logistic Support
and for the axis: in the Sturm Armory

- the Hilter-Jugend squad: the Hitler Jugend was an organisation which indoctrinated young children whith
the nazi's ideology. Thereby, when they were old enough, lots of these young boys (and girls) fought against the allies.
They can be produced with the 'Zeal' upgrade from the propaganda tactics. They are less stronger than regular troops, can't be reinforced, and have random weapons.
But they don't cost too much. They have the same special ability as the paratroopers. You can't have more than 6 squads.

- You can build up to 2 M26 Pershing, but with the armored company you can call
as many Pershing as you want with the Pershing upgrade.
- max scouts= 10
- Howitzers can move.
- Powell has less Hitpoint, but becomes better with veterancy.
- The M4 'Crocodile' Sherman can have a machine gun upgrade like the standard one.
- Rangers can use stickbomb.
- change veterancy effect to all infantry

- Infantry company has an upgrade which reduce all infantry cost and reduce the mines cost.
- Airbone company already had planes, but it now costs less to call them.
- Armored company has upgrades which reduces tank fuel cost.
- changed veterancy effect to all infantry.

- base population set to 80 (instead of 30)

- set Goliath cost = 75 ammo
- Added standard Tiger in the Tank factory.
- set Tiger ace max squad = 2, increase cost and upkeep cost.
- 'Escalate to Battle phase' needed to build the Tiger ace from the Strum Armory.
- corrected the reinforced Tiger ace veterancy.
- corrected the 88' flak veterancy.
- Added smoke cloud ability to Tiger ace.
- max scouts = 10
- flakvierling can now be repaired.
- set Volskgrenadier Size squads to start with 5 and can be reinforced to 7.
- change veterancy effect to all infantry.

- Defense tactic have upgrade which reduce building and mines costs and increase bunkers strenght.
- Blitzkrieg tactic have upgrades which reduce basic infantry and basic tank cost.
The blitzkrieg ability lasts longer.
- The propaganda tactic have upgrades which allow to have Hilter-Jugend and reduced heavy tank fuel cost.

- base population set to 80 (instead 30)
- a new skin for the german grenadiers.

I can't remember the other minor changes. Except the fact that I extracted the old barbed wire, sandbags, so you
should be able to delete them if you have the 1.7 patch.

- set Riflemen Size squads to start with 6 and can be reinforced up to 10
- set engineer Size squads to start with 4 and can be reinforced up to 6
- Added M26 to Tank Factory
- Added Calliope to Tank Factory
- Added Rangers in Weapons Support Center (but infantry company is still needed)
- Increased max damage of the jeep machine gun
- Increased grenades max range
- set calliope barrage fire cost= 25 ammo and recharge time = 30 seconds
- set Air recon cost = 25 ammo + 1 fuel
- set P-47 gun airstrike cost = 50 ammo + 1 fuel
- set P-47 rocket airstrike cost =125 ammo + 1 fuel
- reduced mines upkeep cost
- Increased all rifles accuracy by 10%
- base population set to 60 (instead of 30)

New units:
- Scout:
cheap recon unit, can detect sniper and capture strategic points, can use camouflage, have long sight,
can be built in the barrack and sometimes the HQ (yeah, doesn't work. I dont know why)
- lieutenant Powell
(from Medal of Honor...) a super ranger that can beat any infantry squad with only his M1Garand :)
He can be built in the barrack.

- set Pioneer Size squads start with 2 and can be reinforced uo to 4
- set Volskgrenadier Size squads start with 5 and can be reinforced up to 6
- set Grenadier Size squads start with 4 and can be reinforced up to 5
- set knights cross holder Size squads start with 3 and can be reinforce to 5
- Added Stuh 42 to Tank Factory
- Added flak20mm aagun to Pioneer construction tree (pink icon)
- Added Plant demolition ability to pioneer (work only on bridges)
- reduced mines upkeep cost
- Added (modified) Tiger ace to Sturm Armory
- Added Opel truck to battalion support buiding (pink icon)
- reduced Stuka reload time by 10%
- reduced Nebelwerfer reload time by 10%
- Increased max damage of the MG42 machine gun
- Increased max damage of the MP44 assault rifle
- Increased grenades max range
- Increased penetration of the 105mm Stuh tank gun
- base population set to 60 (instead of 30)

New unit:
- Scout:
cheap recon unit, can detect sniper and capture strategic points, can use camouflage, have long sight
can be built in the barrack and sometime the HQ (yeah, doesn't work. I dont know why)

I dont own any CoH or THQ stuff it's the game developpers property
I am not responsable if with this mod you corrupt the game, or have some troubles.
for suggestions or bugs, you can contact me. NOT for rants, or your troubles.
You can distribute, modify, include, my mod. I dont mind.

-----------------------------NOTES ON TESTING--------------------------------------
I have tested my mod on the 1.4, 1.5, 1.51,and 1.71 french versions of CoH,
but i think it should also work on English version.
Peoples who played my 1.0 and 1.5 versions said that it worked fine on English version.
This mod was not intended to be used with other mod, skin or modifications, you can always do it, of course,
but I don't guarantee that it will work. (I didn't have time to test compatibility)
Some dead bodies are sometimes 'alive', it is a very weird bug.

Thanks to Corsix for his wonderful Corsix's Mod Studio
and Relic, for making such a kick-ass game.
Night Stalker AKA Iceburner for the grenadier skin, I first wanted to use this skin on german paratroopers
but it seems that I didn't finish them, so I used it on every grenadiers cause it look nice on them.
Thanks to Kamino, for allowing me to use his radio operator.
Thanks to LethalDosage and Speedy for helping me to improve my mod.
Thanks to people who played my previous mod and left some comments.
Special thanks to Paul Binocle for checking some spelling errors.

mod create by ab2531

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