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Enhancement Mod -first release

-known issues


This is a mod I alone have been working on for quite some time now. It is aimed at making Company of Heroes feel more like a game and more fun, meanwhile also increasing the realism to some extent. I have extensively tested most aspects of this mod and there should be no problems.

*Note: This mod is not related to the similarly named 'Enhanced Combat mod'.

*This mod has been tested and works on all versions of COH up to 1.71. This DOES NOT work with OF as i have recently tried and failed.

Veteran mod users should know the drill by now.
Copy all files in the .zip to your CoH directory eg C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes. If it prompts you to overwrite, select yes to all. Afterwards, create a shortcut on your desktop and alter the target line to say -modname Enhancement_mod -dev after the other stuff.
End result should be something like target: "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -modname Enhancement_mod -dev

-AT LEAST 1 new unit at every single building for each side.
-resources and popcap BOOST
-special squad buildable at HQ for each side's different doctrines
-All weapons tweaked (low accuracy but almost 1 shot kill)
-lots of new abilities
-Play it and discover for yourself :D
-Campaign is ALOT more challenging(some levels) due to the tweaks

known issues:
Not really any major bugs or crashes.
-if pioneers die down to the camo soldier, then the build icon has no text
-stormpioneers have no text on their build icon
-Tiger ace's wreck looks retarded, reason: lazy Relic only provided the parts for the side you see in the cut scene :P
-An extremely rare occurence causes game to crash when u do something (i dont know what) after a long long long long time of playing

That is all

-Me, aka nubilepro on filefront for making the entire thing. my email:
-Corsix for making the fantastic mod studio
-Halftrack and Nsysusoloman's awesome skin's for every single unit in this mod.
-Relic/THQ for making this game for me to mod :D Onya guys.
-Several other mods to inspire me to mod.
-wanna carry on this mod? email me first before releasing :)

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