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Features present in v0.1:

-Total Realism Combat Experience:

*Intensity of game increased mantaining balance

*weaponary enhanced for realism (for example M1 Garand fires like a
semi-automatic rifle and not like bolt-action, or MP40 being dangerous
at short ranges)

*Sight and Weapon ranges increased (tanks now dont fire up to 20 meters )

*Tank Penetration System: Health bars on tanks are now useless, since
a single fire may penetrate armour or not

*Enhanced Fear Factors and Infantry Behaviours: Now infantry will act
more like humans instead of robots, they may spread out if needed,
split or stick together, etc

*Combat Enhancement: Squads not in cover are really vulnerable, so you
may micro very well your squads (since theres no base managament), a
single well managed squad can take out many other infantry squads, etc

-New Resources System:

*Manpower will be used for barracks squads, Munition for Weapons
Support Squads and Fuel for Tanks Depot Squads. Squads are created

*Resources Income Values are set by a Unique Upgrade you chose. You've
got Infantry Specialization, Support Specialization and Armour
Specialization. You can chose only one of these. For example Infantry
Specialization gives a Manpower rate of +200, Munition Rate +100, Fuel
rate +60 (and remember each building uses different resources on their

-Not Base Strategy, but Combat Strategy:

*Squad Sizes Increased, Changed their orders on Buildings, changed
their Veterancy Values and Differences (Now Tanks don't "Increase"
their damage if they're higher ranked, but they will move more
efficiently on roads or have a better accuracy)

*Added features and enhancements to focus the strategy of players into
the combat, and not much about resources, upgrades or buildings

*New Squads that give weaponary and tactic variations

*Squad upgrades to keep some elite squads for your self

AI Enhancements and Game Balance

*I will attempt to stand for Balance for Skirmish Games

*Trying to get non Chaotic Games. Not like where everyone can get
everything and just attack-move the enemy

*AI Is modified accord to the gameplay of the mod

Halftracks Skin Pack

*Included New Skins for Americans, British, Axis and Panzer Elite.
Thanks to Halftracks for his awesome work


Until here we will get for v0.1
What Is Next in v0.2?

-Adding New abilities per squad. For example Sprints, ambushes and
Combat Behaviours
-Adding Squads, Abilities and Upgrades that are only available for the
Specialization you have chosen
-Army Changes. For example PE will have Stugs, Americans will have
Stuarts, PE will have Volksgrenadiers and axis will have the heavy


Remember this is the base idea of the mod and your comments will
decide how it will progress
I Wait for your comments, opinions and suggestions!

Changes in v0.11
-Improved AI Significantly (Though far from being a menace)
-Whermatch Light Armoured Car accuracy against Infantry reduced
-Whermatch Light Armoured Car now has 50mm Gun Upgrade available

Your (not)loved CoH Modder,


Copy your CoH Shortcut
Go Properties and add at the end of the first box
-dev -modname ewm

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