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(1) Mod Name : Pairz
(2) Author : BroomstickII
(3) Mod Requirement : vanilla COH + COH OF
(4) Patch version : This mod will run on any patch version. Recommend the latest patch - version 2.201
(5) Skirmish/LAN Multiplayer: This mod is playable in a standalone skirmish game or in a LAN Multiplayer game.

(6) Mod Description :

Added Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite to the Allies side.
Added the American and the British factions to the Axis side.
To sum up, the mod gives you the freedom to mix all available factions in the same team. As there are four factions,
it is preferrable to play this mod with big maps, 2x2 (4 player) maps or bigger.

(7) Bugs and Limitation:

(7.a) The post game stats screen has amended to show only zeroes. The original post game stats screen is not compatible
with this mod.

(7.b) The following combinations should be avoided as they cause crashes:
- all British versus all British
- all PE versus all PE
- all British versus all PE

As far as the British and the Panzer Elite factions are concerned, you should follow the following rules to avoid
crashing the game:

The maximum number of British factions that can be played in a game is TWO (2). You can have One British as Allies
and one British as Axis. Or you can have two British factions in one team (eg as Allies) and no British faction
in the other team (axis).

The maximum number of PE factions that can be played in a game is TWO (2). You can have one PE as Allies and one PE
as axis. Or you can have both PE factions in the same team (eg as Allies) with no PE faction in the other team (axis).

The above restrictions don't apply to the old COH factions, American and Wehrmacht, which can be played in any

(8) Installation instruction: Copy the Pairz.module file and the Pairz folder to your Coh game folder.
Then create a shortcut to the Reliccoh.exe file. And amend the target line of the shortcut to:

"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -modname Pairz

The mod is in .sga format so there is no need to add the -dev flag.

(9) Credits: THQ/Relics

(10) You may use/amend this mod any way you like; giving proper credits to deserving party/ies.

(11) Recommended game mode: 8 player maps with British/US/PE/Wehr (any order will do) in the Allies team and
Pe/Wehr/US/British (any order will do) in the Axis team. As always, LAN multiplayer game is more fun than standalone game.

January 14, 2008

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