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Author: Cpt_Mackay

Readme File:
Readme for Infantry Only mod 1.0 by Cpt_Mackay aka ppsh41

*************************Changes **************************
*Most upgrades have been removed for squads and the upgaradable weapons have been incorperated into the squads
*PE now infantry Friendly and have more Infantry as well as support waepons
*Whermacht Has a few new sqauds
*americans have a new squad as well as a changed Rifle squad
*British have a changed infantry section and a new type of commando drops
*others that i cant remember

As of this release this mod is not multiplayer capable i attempted to do this but some abp files weren't converted
making it appear as some soldeirs had no guns if i manage to get it working i will make a new release

Put the Infantry only folder in your root folder (after deleting the old version)
Put the module in your root folder
Put the Ucs. File in (root folder)/engine/locale/english
And lastly put the Shortcut on your desktop

If you have comments please post them on the page I have this file on
If you have a Technical Question Please Email me at

Corsix For his mod studio
the good modding community of the Relic news forums
Relic for a GREAT RTS
and lastly my Balance Tester/Friend Troy7d5 aka. Killerpanda75

The mod will sometimes crash once you start a skirmish due to an unknown bug and seems to be completely random,
Troy7d5 and I spent a long time trying to fix it and find it but to no avail should it crash on you email me
at and tell me the settings you had the game starting on (ie. Fixed postions allies had
slot 1 2 3 4 etc)

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