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Author: GrandMaztahAce

This is a sound (mini-)mod for Relic Entertainment's latest real-time strategy game Company of Heroes. After installing the mod, most of the unit's weapon sounds in the game are changed and thus sound significantly better. You will see remarkable differences in battles concerning the sound quality and game depth in general due to the sounds "beefed up". Further notice, this is a BETA version. I'm currently working on some more Opposing Fronts sounds and just want to evaluate how people like these sounds so far.


1. BACKUP the RelicCOH.module file in your CoH root directory
by moving the file to another location. Simply renaming it
won't work and the game will still play the default

2. Afterwards, run the installer and locate your CoH root directory.

Default installation path is:
"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\"

If your Company of Heroes installation path differs from this one above,
click the button on the right called Browse and locate your
Company of Heroes root directory and click Install afterwards.

3. If you are not into further modding at all, continue to step 4 please!
Otherwise continue reading:

If you already have a modified RelicCOH.module file for your
own modification or if you want to include my sounds in your own
mod, do this:

- open the RelicCOH.module via Notepad/Editor or any text editing

- locate the lines [data:sound_low] and [data:sound_high] in the

- delete all the content there and/or directly replace the existing
text with this:

folder = WW2\DataSoundLow
archive.01 = WW2\Archives\WW2AceSoundmodLow
archive.02 = WW2\Archives\WW2SoundLow

folder = WW2\DataSoundHigh
archive.01 = WW2\Archives\WW2AceSoundmodHigh
archive.02 = WW2\Archives\WW2SoundHigh

4. Press Close soon as the installation has finished. My Soundmod
is ready to go now. You may start a match and turn up the volume.

- Note: this mod is fully COMPATIBLE to CoH online gaming unlike with
the method to manually set up a mod via shortcut/dev switch which is
usually NOT compatible to online play.

- Be aware that you are going to have to put your backup
RelicCOH.module into the same place again overwriting the custom
.module before you can apply a new patch to your game (patches will
generally refuse to install if custom content/modified files have
been detected).


- just overwrite the custom RelicCOH.module file with the one from
your backup and remove the two custom .sga archives


- replaced many effects with sounds which have a more realistic
approach (not final, most Opposing Fronts sounds also still missing)

- simplified installation procedure. SoundInstaller or
complex backup/installation measures are not required any more.
- added some more sound effects

- added additional sounds
- improved some other sounds from the previous version which did
not quite fit

- first public release


I am not responsible for damaging your game/system neither with
my mod itself nor with the installation procedure

If you want to integrate my sounds into your own mod, leave a small
hint in your Readme/the mods description saying "Sounds by Ace40k"
or something similar. You don't have to let me know...

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