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Author: Matello PL

Readme File:
copy both files into your CoH:OF directory

right click on shortcut (!!!) of your coh and add this on the very end in the "Target" window: -modname FJ_drop -dev

everything will work correctly...

Mod contains :

* FJ drop on every visible position, no drops in FOW, and no infiltration. Just like for allied airborn squad.
* FJ drop costs 400 MP, cooldown 60 sec MP - manpower
* FJ health increased to 90 (from 60!!!, burn damage per second is now 12, was 8)
* FJ can have FG42 or MP44
* FJ have "concealing smoke" like british commandos, "fire-up" ability and incentiary device
* Luftwaffe pionner squad can have panzerschreck or MP44 - (squad cost is 450 MP)
the squad gets weapon upgrade when u have an adequate building - it goes like for grenadiers - no building no weapon
* LW pionners have spirnt ability when panzer grenadiers squads have it too... so now you can move around LW with grenadiers with the same speed (it is useful sometimes, yo dont have to select some units for ability - now all units have that abilty!)
* No "$1263123 missing key" or something like this, Engine.ucs file is also changed

enjot game! :)

Matello PL

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