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Author: LCC45

Readme File:
Note: This mod is made alone by me, yes only me, no team!. If someone tells you he helpedmade the all around mod, don't believe them!!. Don't buy this thing either, I made it free, and it stays free! If you wan't to host this file, send me a email. There is only a small chance that I tell you you can't.

The All around mod, focuses on Infantry and tanks, this is a beta, and I have not even started with axis, so play with allies, I'm not even done with the allies. I've only been modding for 4 days now, but I must say, it is pretty good. Here is a list of fetures the mod adds:

Added units: Added the MG team, Mortar team, Sniper, Rangers, Airborne and Engineers to the barracks. Removed all units from Weapon support center.
Added Radio team to weapon support center. (Cannot call in support yet)
Moved engineers back to HQ, (there is open spot in the barracks)

Added abilities: Airborne: Throw smoke grenade and camouflage ability. Rangers: suppresion fire and removed cost of suppresion fire.

Added upgrades: Rangers: upgrade to flamethrowers (3), changed text ''Engineer'' to ''unit'', and upgrade to bazookas (3) and removed thompson smg upgrade.

Weapons added: Rangers: Removed anti tank weapons, and gave them all thompson smg's (2 still have rifles, but the other 4 have machine guns)

Tanks added: Added pershing, sherman calliope and tiger ace to Tank prodution center

Cool stuff: Made Flak 88 fire like howitzer!!!

Things I will add in the future:

*Paradropable vechiles.

*Paradropable units

* New image for smoke grenade

Things I might add in the future

*Commander that has a deadly pistol

* The all around squad (lots of different units) My ultimate squad

*Make buildable trenches (if I can found out how)

How to install?

1.Extract to your Company of heroes folder.
2.make a shortcut and right click and choose properties, next insert -dev into the command line
3. after you typed -dev, type: -modname All_around_mod
4. Run from shortcut, ha it works

If you sell this mod, I will kick your ass.
If you take this mod to be yours, I will kick your ass.
Hosting this mod on porn sites, warez sites and any ilegal site, I will find you, and I will grind your nuts to a piece of rusty iron.
So I did make myself clear, I will hurt if you use this in the wrong way!

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