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The Alminator mod

Alminator mod is created to make Company of Heroes more realistic... Added new weapons, new units, new buildings, etc...



.Added new units
..Heavy Infantry Squad
...5 soldiers - leader carries BAR, others MG-42LMG
..Rifle Squad
...6 soldiers - 3 carries BAR, 2 carries grenade launchers, 1 Sniper
..Expert Sniper Team
...Deployable directly from Weapons Support, or Airborne. can use camo ability, grenades, fire-up, AP-ammo, mines, etc...
..Firefly Sherman
...Deployable from Tank Depot. Long range and powerful cannon, light armour
..M2A1 105mm Howitzer Artillery
...Provides indirect fire support. Reduced range. Not using high fire angle. Reduced reload time.
..M2A1 105 Howitzer AT Gun
...Provides direct fire support on enemy units and buildings (Like Axis Flak88). Range is 100 (like Flak88), but can make more damage than Flak88, because Flak88 is using 88mm projectiles, Howitzer is using 105mm projectiles...
..M26 Pershing
...Only one weapon that can deal with Axis King Tiger


.Aded new units
...5 soldiers instead of 4 - leader carries MP-44 SMG, others MG-42. Deployable from Wermacht Quarters
..Expert Sniper Team
...Deployable from Wermacht Quarters
..Heavy Sturm Troopers
...8 soldiers - using G. launchers, Sniper, MG-42LMG, MP-44. Camouflage Ability. Deployable from Sturm Barracks (new building)
..Tiger IV - Heavy Armor
..King Tiger - Heavy Armour (cost: mp-1500, f-130)
..Airborne Sturm Troopers
...7 guys - MG-42 LMGs, Panzershrecks

Most of infantry units have fire-up ability, can use grenades, itc...

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