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Russia in Videogames - Who's the Real Enemy?

Posted: 03.01.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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The Cold War is over, yet modern videogames still paint Russia as the enemy. What are the causes, and do we only have ourselves to blame?

SEGA releases new DLC and updates for Company of Heroes franchise

Posted: 10.12.2013 by JamieSI

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SEGA has released the next big update for Company of Heroes, which will see a number of key feature updates to the game's Steam functionality, such as secure leaderboards, battle and arbitration servers.

The latest release in the series, Company of Heroes 2, has also been updated with a Theatre of War pack called 'Southern Frontsí, which will retail at $4.99/£2.99/€3.99/AUD 6.49 on Steam. Two free maps have also been made available, along with several game improvements and the ability to upload community created maps to Steam's Workshop.

Turning Point DLC now available for Company of Heroes 2

Posted: 13.11.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Sega has announced that the "Turning Point" update is now available for Company of Heroes 2 on Steam. The expansion adds free content including the World Builder which allows fans to create their own maps, two free multiplayer maps and four free multiplayer commanders.

Victory at Stalingrad DLC for Company of Heroes 2 announced for 12th November

Posted: 08.11.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Relic announced the Turning Point update for Company of Heroes 2 earlier this week, and now the developer has announced that additional DLC will be released on the same day. The Victory at Stalingrad DLC will add new co-op and solo challenges.

SEGA launch free content update for Company of Heroes 2 next week

Posted: 04.11.2013 by Technet2k

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Real-time strategy Company of Heroes 2 will receive an air drop of free content next week as the 'Turning Point' update is released on Tuesday, November 12th. It'll include community made items.

A "highly requested" world builder is part of the free content, letting us "design and share" multiplayer maps. Two new maps are included and four new Commanders.