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Hurtgen Storm
(2 vs. 2)

Hurtgen Dawn
(2 vs. 2)

by: "$ TEXAS $"


These 4 player maps take place in the Hurtgen Forest, you have a decision to make before jumping in to battle. You can
choose a night attack under the cover of a heavy rain storm, but armor hasn't arrived yet. Or you can wait until dawn,
but the enemy will all so have armor to counter you.

Hurtgen Storm:
A dark and rainy map, this map is infantry only, for a while. As the game progresses you will gain access to more units
starting with only infantry you will later gain access to light vehicles and then Armor. A small, constant stream of
infantry will help you avoid being over run.

Hurtgen Dawn:
This map after the storm takes place at Dawn, This map play like a standard map, but holding the Fuel points will provide
you with extra reinforcements. constant infantry reinforcements are also on this map to once again assist your struggle.

**Both maps require FIXED positions and ALL player slots filled


-Unzip all the files in "" to:

"C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\WW2\Scenarios"

Note: "\HP-Administrator\" may go by a different name on your computer

This is a .sga file and does NOT require the "-dev" in the Company of Heroes shortcut
if you already have the "-dev" it's not a problem.

Feel free to use this map in any way you want just give me credit for my work!

if you have any problems you can contact me at


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