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Company Of Heroes - Opposing Front Mod
Author: BroomstickII

1 Mod requirements: vanilla COH + COH Opposing Front Patch version 2.101

2 Mod Name: AllAllies

3 Zip file name:

4 Contents: 1 Folder - AllAllies
1 File - AllAllies.module

5 Mod Description:

This mod allows you to play just the American and/or the British factions ONLY.

This means you'll be playing as the American and/or British against the same American / British factions as your opponent(s).

The possible playable permutations are as follow:

2p map : - British vs British
- British vs American
- American vs American

3p map or bigger:

- All British vs All British
- All American vs All American
- Combination of British/American vs combination of British/American.
- Combination of British/American on one side versus British only or American only.

6 Mod Installation:

Copy the AllAllies folder and the AllAllies.module file (point 4 above) to you COH Opposing Front game folder (This is the folder that contains the RelicCOH.exe file). Then make a copy of the COH Opposing Front shortcut icon. Rename this icon to "AllAllies Mod" (or use whatever name that you like). Right click on this icon and select Property. Then append the "-modname AllAllies" at the end of the Target Line in the shortcut tab. Your target line should look like this:

[Drive]\[COH OF game folder]\RelicCOH.exe -modname AllAllies

To uninstall the mod, simply delete the mod folder (AllAllies folder) and mod file (AllAllies.module).

Note that there is no "-dev" parameter. See point 7 below.

7 Mod Format:

This mod is packed in .sga format. Therefore you don't need to use the -dev parameter in the mod shortcut's.

The Target Line in the COH Shortcut is :

[Drive]\[COH OF game folder]\RelicCOH.exe -modname AllAllies

8 Final Note:

Make sure you're running the correct patch version number. It is COH OF Patch 2.101.

9 Credits :

Just one, THQ/Relics, the creator.

10 This mod may be redistributable, reposted, used in other mod without notifying me. A mention would be greatly appreciated though.

11 Contact [broom stick iii AT yahoo DOT com]; remove all spaces -
correct - there are 3 i's there.

Revision 1.01:

- Remove a reference to single player mission data in the AllAllies.module file.
The following line under [data:common:02] is removed. It appears to cause system crashes when playing for a longer period of time, especially with maps bigger than 2x2.

"archive.05 = WW2\Archives\OFSPData".

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