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Readme File:
- Rangers now spawn properly
- Sniper Builds faster
- Jeeps have 3 in a squad

- Motorcycle has 3 in a squad
- Stormtrooper squad size increased
- Fixed bug with storms not spawning

- The recon squad has 3 in a squad
- Incan Grenade recharge time reduced

- Brit inital rifle section fix
- Added Typhoon Recon Flight (to captain)
- Larger Infantry Sections (now 8, was 7 if memory severs me well)
- Slit Trench max units increased to 12, was 6

- Nade Range Reduced slightly
Nerf Nade range (accuracy based on throw distance)
Nerf satchel range (accuracy based on throw distance)
- SMG Range Nerf
- Prices of troop squads basically halfed
- Further Weapon Damage tweaks
- Further Weapon Range tweaks
- Squad Tweaks
- SMG Accuracy Decreased over increasing distances
- Fixed PE and British speech
- Small bits a pieces here and there.
- Added Skins
- Added Flags
- Removed Most Team Colors
- Vehicle Wreck's can be Deconstructed By the following units...Panzer Grenadier (PE), Pioneers (Axis), Sappers (Commonwealth), Engineers (Allies)
- All unit Occlusion Removed

- AI made slightly easier
- Should use Nebel Barrage More
- Some Unit Caps such as mortars increased (was 2, now 10) (Also to HMG's etc)

- Im looking for more beta testers, if your interested, and reliable, then let me know on my FORUMS

- Wehr AI loves to spam bikes regardless of what coding contradicts it.
- This is an uncomfirmed issue, but it is possible Player Colors will make the skins look wrong. It is for this reason, I strongly suggest playing the game with
player colors turned off, and using the default team colors

Any Issues relating to this mod, you can obtain help from
PSC - Pilla Soft Coding

Warnstaff for his Advanced AI Mod 1.2 for Opposing Fronts
TheOklahoman for his feedback and ideas
Halftrack for his skins
AcidZero for parts of his Acid Mod (Flags and some others)

Custom Load Screen - Another Release (Harder then first thought)
Further Weapon Damage tweaks - Ongoing
Further Weapon Range tweaks - Ongoing
Squad Tweaks - Ongoing
New Squads - Another Release (probibly 1.66)
Tank Gun Damage - Another Release (probibly 1.66)
Tank Gun Range - Another Release (probibly 1.66)
Add Tank Caps to AI - Another Release (probibly 1.66)

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