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Author: Sourav20

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Blitzkrieg Mod V1.02

"prepare for most finest hour of ur troops.fight with Kommando troops to Gliderborne assault infantry,Canadian first corps. to stormelite heavy assault infantry.u must fight for victory."

change gliderborne assault infantry.
change U.S paratroopers now have 1 smg,3 carbine,2 garand.
change light infantry now have 1 smg,2 recoilles rifle.
change british commandos now have 2 lmg,2 piat,2 lee-enfield
pe pz-iv vetarency
axis assault halftrack speech
allies glider skin
british paratrooper helmat
---------new unit-----------
Canadian first Corps.
axis anti-infantry squad
axis tank-killer infantry
stormelite heavy infantry
kommandos troops
extract all folder to "x/program files/THQ/Company of Heroes" and make a shortcut and write this commandline to target "-modname Blitzkrieg_Mod -dev"(without cotation).
uninstall: delete "Blitzkrieg_Mod","Blitzkrieg_Mod.module" and in engine/locate/English folder "Blitzkrieg Mod.English.ucs" files.
if u want to use any part of my mod into ur mod or mods,fell free and use it but give me cradit.
---------happy gaming--------

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